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Beyond the Divide: A Century of Canadian Mosque Design and Gender Allocations is a two-year research project to study Muslim places of worship including mosques, Jamatkhanas, and cultural centres across the country by Dr. Tammy Gaber.

By documenting the breadth and development of these buildings, regional nuances and rooted connections to specific localities will be revealed in addition to highlighting the rich history and contribution of Muslims to the built environment of Canada.

In addition to this, there is an unfolding Islamic conversation on gender and space in places of worship, and documenting how various communities resolve this and the relationship to architectural design will reveal potentials and trajectories for future mosque design.

Below are links to images of mosques and Islamic centres visited so far in this study. This blog welcomes feedback and commentary and is a work in progress.

Inuvik             Regina

Calgary             EdmontonLacLaBiche & Red Deer            Richmond B.C     PortCoquitlam            BurnabyVictoria&Nanaimo-01            Prince George-01.jpgSurrey&Delta-01-01.jpg            Saint-John-Fredericton-Moncton-01.jpgHalifax_Dartmouth-01.jpg            Truro_Sydney-01.jpgPEI-01            St John's-01.jpg

Kingston-01.jpg            Montreal-01.jpg      North Montreal-01.jpg            West Montreal-01        Brossard-01.jpg            Quebec City-01.jpg        Waverly West Niverville-01            st.vitalcentral.elmwood-01.jpg

Nepean-01.jpg            Ottawa-01

Gatineau-01.jpg            StCatherines&Niagara-01-01-01.jpgHamilton-01.jpg            Waterloo & Cambridge-01.jpg

Guelph-01.jpg            London-01

Kingston-01             Sudbury-01

North York-01             Toronto-01.jpg

Burlington-01.jpg             Mississauga_Brampton-01.jpg

Maple_Thornhill-01.jpg            Pickering, Oshawa, Scarborough-01.jpg