About the Researcher

Dr. Tammy Gaber will spend the next two years travelling across the country to photograph, draw and collect oral and written histories of mosques. The study will conclude with a symposium and exhibition of photographs scheduled for the fall of 2017 partnering with the Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW).

Professor Gaber’s background in architecture comes from her undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo, her graduate work at Cairo University, and her participation in the design of various projects in both Canada and Egypt. Her background in ‘Islamic Architecture’ is rooted in her B.Arch graduation project ‘Submission’ a proposal for a mosque design in Waterloo, her MSc. in Architectural Engineering ‘Conception and Perception of the Mosque in the West’ and her PhD dissertation ‘The Space and Place of Women in Mosque Architecture’. Additionally, Professor Gaber has taught design studio, culture and specific courses on ‘Islamic Architecture’ at the American University in Cairo, the British University in Egypt, Misr International University and the University of Waterloo in the past fifteen years. Professor Gaber has published articles in journals and conferences as well as book chapters related to Islamic architecture.

Professor Gaber is an Assistant Professor at Laurentian University School of Architecture in Sudbury, Ontario and teaches ‘Design Studio’ and ‘Sacred Places’ and serves on review committees for graduate work at the University of Waterloo and Hartford University.

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